My Near Death Experience!!!

However, the Area 51 Development team did not realize that “Soundblaster” was already trademarked


OK, this is serious and for real!!! I think I almost died just now!!!

I wouldn’t even talk about this, but it could happen to one of you too, so I am just going to go ahead and warn people.

Anyway, I was eating a baked potato and surfing youtube, when my head started feeling all weird and funny. I am being serious. It felt like my ears were coming off my head from pressure inside. I started to get dizzy and stuff, and was feeling very nauseated, and then my temples started throbbing. Sooo, I am thinking what is going on here, HOLY CRAP!!! am I dying or something, then I noticed there was like a hum in my ears.

It was my guitar amp that was on and my guitar was leaning up against it, and it had started making this low hummy noise all on its own, and so I reached over and turned the amp off, and the head pressure stopped right away. So, this is for real, and I am going to look it up, but I remember seeing about people who were protesting the New World Order and the police had a new thing that did this to the protesters or something like this, and my head still hurts and I am still nauseated, but the pressure is gone.

Sooo be careful to turn your amp off when you are resting or something or this could happen to you!!!

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Assange – Not “Rape” but “Sex by Surprise!!!”

Europe Has A Long History Of These Things. (See J’Accuse by Emile Zola)

Oh, this is OBVIOUSLY a set up to just get Assange!!! Here is where you can find the full article:

Here is just a part of it:

Today, a former attorney for Assange – James D. Catlin – has confirmed that the charges are for having sex without using a condom. He notes that:

The consent of both women to sex with Assange has been confirmed by prosecutors.

He also accuses the prosecutors of “making it up as they go along”, and said that Sweden’s justice system is destined to become “the laughingstock of the world” for pursuing the case against Assange.

And Assange’s current London attorney – Mark Stephens – told AOL news that he doesn’t even know what the charges against Assange are, but that they are not rape:

Stephens, told AOL News today that Swedish prosecutors told him that Assange is wanted not for allegations of rape, as previously reported, but for something called “sex by surprise,” which he said involves a fine of 5,000 kronor or about $715.


“We don’t even know what ‘sex by surprise’ even means, and they haven’t told us,” Stephens said, just hours after Sweden’s Supreme Court rejected Assange’s bid to prevent an arrest order from being issued against him on allegations of sex crimes.

“Whatever ‘sex by surprise’ is, it’s only a offense in Sweden — not in the U.K. or the U.S. or even Ibiza,” Stephens said. “I feel as if I’m in a surreal Swedish movie being threatened by bizarre trolls. The prosecutor has not asked to see Julian, never asked to interview him, and he hasn’t been charged with anything. He’s been told he’s wanted for questioning, but he doesn’t know the nature of the allegations against him.”

The strange tale of Assange’s brief flings with two Swedish women during a three-day period in mid-August — and decisions by three different prosecutors to first dismiss rape allegations made by the women and then re-open the case — has more twists, turns and conspiracy theories than any of [Swedish novelist] Stieg Larsson’s best-sellers.

So Assange might be a cad for sleeping with 2 women within a couple of days, and he might be irresponsible for having sex without a condom and then failing to submit to HIV tests afterwards.

But he has not been accused of rape under any traditional meaning of that term.

Of course, this wouldn’t be so surreal if the Department of Justice hadn’t launched a criminal probe of Wiklileaks, Assange didn’t face potential espionage charges, representative Peter King wasn’t asking that Wikileaks be designated a foreign terrorist organization like Al Qaeda, and some people hadn’t called for Assange’s assassination (and see this, this and this).

Indeed, Reuters provides some bizarre details courtesy of Assange’s current lawyer:

Tuesday, international police agency Interpol said it had issued a “red notice” which allows arrest warrants issued by national police authorities to be circulated to other countries to facilitate arrests and help possible extradition.

“There is no arrest warrant against him. There was an Interpol red notice, which is not a warrant, alerting authorities to monitor his movements,” Stephens told Reuters.


“We are in this position where we have never been told what the allegations are against him, we do know that he hasn’t been charged, we do know that he has only been asked for as a witness,” he said.

“We know that … the offence is one of ‘sex by surprise’, which is not an offence known in England. He has not been given the evidence against him.”
Stephens said Assange was willing to meet Swedish prosecutors but they did not want to meet him.

“We are in a very, very surreal situation at the moment it’s like a Swedish fairytale.”

I have heard certain tales of these kinds of “surprises” in America, but they seem to revolve around popcorn. But, I doubt there is even a kernel of truth in the Swedish charges.

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Foreclosure Lawyers Weren’t Even Lawyers!!!

OH, this is funny!!! People who are not even lawyers are practicing law to do foreclosures!!!

Will Thousands of Foreclosures Be Voided Because Non-Lawyers Prosecuted Them?

If you though robo signing was bad, you ain’t seen nothin’ yet.

The website 4ClosureFraud presents the gory details of a potential major new front in the foreclosure mess. A Pennsylvania foreclosure mill, Goldbeck McCafferty & McKeever, is accused by Patrick Loughren of allowing non-attorneys to file and prosecute foreclosures. A DailyFinance story gives the overview:

Two Pennsylvania cases, one state and one federal, have exposed new types of document problems in foreclosure cases. One of the cases has potentially transformative consequences for thousands of troubled Pennsylvania homeowners. At the center of each is the same law firm: Goldbeck McCafferty & McKeever (GMM)…

As long as a lawyer supervises foreclosure filings, and at least reads them before they’re submitted to the court, that is acceptable. But Loughren is suing because all three named partners of GMM, Joseph Goldbeck, Gary McCafferty and Michael McKeever, have admitted under oath — during depositions last September and in a separate case in December 2009 — that no attorney ever read the filings. The partners made clear that the practice has gone on for the past several years.

If Loughren prevails, this case will prove to be vastly more significant than robo-signing.

Here is the full story:

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Laura Somebody on Bill O’Reilly Just Told A Big Whopper!!!

It’s What I Do! I’m a Corporate Puppet.

I don’t know what her name is, but it is Laura Somebody who has a radio show and she was on Bill O’Reilly tonight and she just told a Big Whopper!!!

She said that America has the highest Subchapter S Corporation tax in the world!!! Oh, this is NOT TRUE, because the Subchapter S corporate tax is ZERO!!!

I know because my mother has one and it doesn’t even pay any income tax because whatever it makes is just passed through to her and she pays tax on it like a person.

Which would sure mean that she would like a middle class tax cut because then she would pay less.

So There!

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