The Democrats’ HOLLOWcaust!!!

Tabanus Sulcifrons – The Gad-Fly

Oh, the phony baloney crap about the use of the term “blood libel” by Sarah Palin is just DISGUSTING!!! The Democrats are complaining about the use of the term, which originally described some sort of anti-Semitic stuff about eating Christian kids for supper or something. Alan Dershowitz, a famous lawyer, and Jewish to boot, pretty much says it is no big deal and that the term has come to stand for “false accusations” in a general way.

The Anti-Defamation League, which is a Jewish group that tries to “stop defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all”, said pretty much the same thing, that “the term “blood-libel” has become part of the English parlance to refer to someone being falsely accused. . .” They did not particularly like this common usage, but also stated, “it was inappropriate at the outset to blame Sarah Palin and others for causing this tragedy or for being an accessory to murder. Palin has every right to defend herself against these kinds of attacks. . .”

Nonetheless, NEWSPAPER Jews are supposedly upset. TALKING HEAD Jews are supposedly upset. GENTILE Liberals and Leftists and Democrats, like Chris Matthews and Ed Schultz, are having kittens about it, and going through some pretty HYSTERICAL labor pains while doing it.

But, this Girl Reporter has to wonder. What are the REAL Jews doing tonight??? Oh, they are in Israel and are busy dodging missiles, and Muslim suicide bombers. I bet they wish they had the luxury of worrying about this kind of MANUFACTURED baloney!!!

It is my opinion that if anybody should be ashamed, it is NOT Sarah Palin!!! it is the Democrats for invoking the pain of THE Holocaust for their HOLLOWcaust.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

One thought on “The Democrats’ HOLLOWcaust!!!

  1. randy says:

    Long time reader on You have a great bit of useful incite and I find your writings very similar of my own. I’m a high school Government/Economics/History teacher….I see that you take criticism often…I believe most it is undeserved and I insist that you keep up the good work. You have a great mind full of wonderful ideas.

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