How People Brainwash You and Manipulate You

Here is a good example of how people mess with your mind. I found this story, about the “The 5 Dumbest Things You Can Do If You Have Too Much Debt.”

Real surprisingly is number 5, which says ” Declaring bankruptcy – this can have permanent and severe consequences on your financial future, avoid if you can, especially when debt settlement may work for you…:”

Because I am wondering why this is dumb if you are in credit trouble. Getting rid of your debt seems pretty SMART to me. But as you read the article, you notice 3 links to “Elite Financial”, which is (Would you ever have guessed it??) a debt settlement company.

So, OF COURSE, they don’t want you to take bankruptcy. Oh no, instead, they want you to use them and pay them money, no matter what might be best for you. But the story is written like it is a real story, not just a hidden sneaky commercial.

This is really sneaky and underhanded, but it happens all the time. Karl Denninger at Market Ticker writes about this kind of thing, and a question he asks is, “When do real estate agents ever say now is NOT a good time to buy a house?” or when do car salesmen ever say “Now is NOT a good time to buy a car?” He calls CNBC, “CNBS” and says they do this with stocks and stuff, too.

So this is a example of how they do it. How they try to take your money and to heck with you.

Oh, and guess who the story about the 5 Dumbest Things was sponsored by??? In light letters down at the bottom of the article. And still, they don’t tell you about the dog Elite Financial has in this fight.

ANSWER: This article sponsored by Elite Financial Copyright 2010

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

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