Yoohoo!. . .Paul Krugman!. . .Where Are You???

They Knew Where She Was, But Where Was He???

Well now if this doesn’t just beat all. One of the victims of the Tucson shooter has threatened a Tea Party member. The threat wasn’t just some cross hairs on a election map. Or somebody calling the other side of the political spectrum names, in an un-civil and toned-UP manner. Oh no. This person, James Eric Fuller, came right out at a televised Town Hall meeting, and shot a picture of Trent Humphries, a co-founder of the Tucson Tea Party, and said “You’re dead!”

Apparently James Eric Fuller has NOT put rambling crazy things on youtube, or took pictures of himself in a red G-string with a gun. Apparently, James Eric Fuller has NOT acted weird in the past and scared his schoolmates. So probably, this is POLITICAL!!!

Soooo where is Paul Krugman??? It only took two hours for him to blame the Tucson Massacre on Republicans, talk show hosts, and the Tea Party. That bunch of GHOULISH recrimination turned out to be a dud. It only took a few hours for Sarah Palin to be crucified for using the term “blood libel” in her response to the nonsense. One would have thought emotionally distraught Jews were jumping out of windows all across the country the way the Left was carrying on. Meanwhile, the sane Jews, like Alan Dershowitz, were saying it was no big deal and the term has come to have a broader use.

Naturally then, one expects the Left and Liberals and Democrats to denounce their own GHOULISHNESS which led to this latest threat. But strangely, I don’t see it anywhere??? What happened??? These people acted like they were sincere in their accusations??? Were they just lying??? Was all the blame just to gain some political points over the dead bodies in Tucson, including the poor little dead child??? Was it all just to not miss “taking advantage of a good crisis’??? Because if it was, then GHOULISHNESS is putting it nicely!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

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