Fur – The Diane Arbus Movie

I watched this with a friend. It is about a famous photographer named Diane Arbus and her friend who looks just like a werewolf.

It was very good, but sad too, and I cried like a baby. You just have to see it when it comes on again. It has Nichole Kidman in it and Robert Downey, Jr.

Here is a link to the movie:


What it is, Robert Downey Jr. has this hair problem where his hair grows long all over his body, so he looks just like a werewolf. Diane Arbus is a helper to her husbands photography business, but she kind of has a wild side. Which this is like the 1950s or maybe 1960s an everybody is very proper and wear long dresses.

Soooo, Robert Downy Jr. lives upstairs and he makes wigs and has a bunch of friends who are weird. Like they are transvestites, and dominatrixes, and midgets, and a lady with no arms, and stuff. So Diane Arbus starts meeting these people and so she starts to quit acting all snobby, even though she is a rich girl.

I don’t want to say anything else for spoilers, but this is true, and really good, and sad. Plus Diane Arbus has some really neat pictures, but you might not like them unless you are artistic like I am. Because we artists have to be open minded about some stuff.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

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