Logical Phallacy by Squeeky Fromm

I hope you like this. It is a poem that I wrote about OVER-THINKING something and JUST MISSING THE WHOLE POINT!!! If you do, it can lead to a:

Logical Phallacy

by Squeeky Fromm

John was a boy
As smart as could be.
And he loved a young girl
By the name of Marie.

He started to court her.
Relied on his mind.
And trusted his money
He thought love was blind.

The way that he saw it,
He thought that Marie
Would calculate profits.
Decide logically.

He said he could buy her
The richest of gowns,
The biggest of houses,
His finances sound.

John had it figured out.
Think of his woe!
When Marie hit the road
With a biker named Joe.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

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