WIKILEAKS BREAKING: “Al Boppa” Took Credit For November Basketball Attack On President!!!


Cleverly Disguised As A Basket Ball, an Al Bobba Operative Slipped Past The White House Security Staff


From Wikileaks!!!

Unbeknownst to the public, the secretive basketball terrorist group, “Al Boppa” took credit for the November 26, 2010 suicide basketball attack on President Obama. An Al Boppa spokesman bounced out the following message in Morse Code:

Bouncing Fred is in basketball Paradise today. In November, he bopped President Obama in the mouth to underscore our grievances with human beings! We are treated worse than any other sports equipment. We are seldom properly inflated! We are stored in car trunks, and taken out cold and bounced on concrete! When we are inflated, the air needles are never clean! We are left outside, and when we get a hole, we are thrown away! Some players even sit on us while on the sidelines!!! Unless this mistreatment ends, there will be further attacks!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

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