Rejoyce James! Ulysses Lives!!! (And Battles The One-Eyed Monster)

Ulysses Restrained From The Song Of The Sirens

Some Spam made it through the filters on a Forum I visit a lot. It was titled Singles USA For Japanese . Well, I did watch the Matrix Movies sooo I decided to read it and make sure Morpheus wasn’t trying to contact me. He wasn’t, or if he was, I wasn’t having any part of that!!!  (A screensave of the Spam is below.) But some of the phrases caught my eye, like personalized melted wine bottle.  Sooo,  I wrote a poem!!!

Rejoyce James! Ulysses Lives!!!
(And Battles the One Eyed Monster)

by Squeeky Fromm

Tie your Mother down for she must listen
To a Sermon on Relationships.
Overhead an unusual yellow tinted Sun
Draws close Kimonos of Eclipse.

Double Dark now, taking two hits
From loss of Sun and reflected Light.
One Hundred Proof is only Half
As Ulysses stumbles into the Night

Personalized melted Wine Bottles
Droop and sag over tables, surreal.
Gathering Singles offer Sacrifice
While Japanese turn, and sprawl at the Window Sill.

Now from Left Field comes a Single Canoe.
Flirts its way into mossy spring Bank.
And while others round Home Base,
They will never The Batter thank.

Se7en is the Magic Number.
As the Author strategized Policies.
Yet,  the Patient seems to shutdown.
Plans to drain the Skies and Seas

Can you wash your single Unit?
And with a single Handle, Shower?
And rationalize your Personality Profile?
Or surrender to an Enemy Power???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Here is a Screen Save of the Spam. If you click on it, it gets bigger and easier to read:

A Portrait Of The Artist As A Girl Reporter

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