Peace In Our Time!!! (or, How Obama Learned A Lesson From Sarah Palin!!!)

Note To Self: Do NOT Say “Blood Libel”

Well, now that Obama has made his major Mid East Speech, it is obvious that Obama learned a major lesson from Sarah Palin:  You can do anything to the Jews except say the words “Blood Libel.”

We know this is true because poor foolish Sarah Palin used those words in a speech back in January 2011 and was savaged by liberal newspapers, liberal talking heads, Chris Matthews, Ed Schultz, and other leftist pundits for a combination of Anti-Semitism ala Insensitivity with a dollop of Stupidity on top.  See this Internet Article if your memory needs a jog:

But Obama learned from this horrific episode. Today, Obama called for the carving up of Israel for it enemies, seeking a return to the 1967 borders. These borders BTW (Which means By The Way) are pretty arbitrary. See this Internet Article by Prof. William Jacobson of Cornell Law School:

Yet, Obama has yet to reap the whirlwind that Sarah Palin did. Because it is arguably far more Anti-Semitic to render up Israel the same way Neville Chamberlain rendered up Czechoslovakia  for Hitler. How did Obama accomplish this feat??? Easy.  He stayed away from the term “Blood Libel.”  Plus, it probably helps a little bit when the MSM (Main Stream Media) has a slobbering love affair with you.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

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