Bin Laden: The Texas Defense (Your Honor, He Needed Killin’!!!)

You Boys Done Good!!! You Even Threw Away Your Litter!!! (Judge Roy Bean after dismissing the case against Seal Team Six)

It has long been joked about that Texas has a legal defense to murder known as the “He Needed Killin’” Defense.

It supposedly occurred in the Old West and the entire trial transcript ran:

Defendant: “Your Honor, he needed  killin’ “

Judge: “You got that right! Case dismissed!”

I submit that should either Obama, or Seal Team Six, ever be brought to Court over the double-tap to Bin Laden’s head,  such an action be brought in Texas. Because down here, that defense isn’t really a joke. Allow one minute for the trial. Twenty four hours for the After Party.

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Langley: Osama’s Computer Full Of FemDom & Gay Porn!!!

Osama Needed Tough Love!!!

I just heard from a friend of mine, that the “People at Langley” are just ROTFLTAO (which means Rolling on the Floor Laughing Their A$$e$ Off) because Osama’s computers are full of Femdom and Gay Porn downloads!!!

OH, when this story breaks, remember you heard it here first!!!

UH OH, I hear helicopters. . .

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

The Song of the Deathers – (Is Osama Alive???)

Will He Stumble Across Osama???

Song of the Deathers
to the tune of “My Bonnie Lies Over the Ocean
by Squeeky Fromm

Osama lies under the ocean?
Osama lies under the sea?
We know ’cause Obama done told us,
When he gave his speech on TV.

Cough up! Cough up!
Cough Up the body for us to see!
Cough up! Cough up!
This smells like a conspiracy!

Obama lies about the ocean!
Obama lies about the sea!
We know because his lips are moving!
He’ll never put this one past me!!!

Osama wrapped up in a white sheet?
Osama placed on to a plank?
Osama dumped into the ocean?
We wonder who it was that sank???

Osama is in Argentina.
A CIA safehouse they say.
They’re making new papers up for him.
So he can live in Paraquay!!!

Say Cheese! Say Cheese!
Smile for the Photoshop, won’t you please???
Say Cheese! Say Cheese!
Remember you’re now Portuguese!!!

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

The Libertarian National Anthem

Narcissus by Gyula Benczúr (1881).


The Libertarian National Anthem
by Squeeky Fromm

(To the tune of “Do Re Mi” from the sound of Music)

Me . . .The Center of the World.
Me . . .I’ll never have enough.
Me . . .The One, it’s all about.
Me . . .Keep your hands off my stuff!

Me . . . Don’t try to take my Dough!
Me . . . Will never be a “We.”
Me . . . It’s MINE, ALL MINE!!! and so,
Everything comes down to Me, Me, Me, Me.

Chorus: To the same tune:

Me. . .Me Me . . . Me Me Me Me.
Me. . .Me Me Me Me Me Meeee!!!!
Me. . .Me Me . . . Me Me Me Me.
Me. . .Me Me Me Me Me Meeee!!!!

Me. . .Me Me Me Me Me Meeee!
Me. . .Me Me Me Me Me Meeee!
Me. . .Me Me Me Me Me Meeee!
Me Me Me Me . . Me Me . . Me Me Me Me. . .

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note: Also see: Woody Guthrie’s “Do Re Mi”