A Dream Derailed!!! (A Pastiche In The Key Of WTF???)


True They Walked Like Egyptians, But There Were Also Some Subtle Differences

Well, another day, another food fight! Sooo, I have been in an extended Internet battle on another website with a bunch of people I consider to be either race-baiters or other undifferentiated tearful members of the Victims Of Society crowd. They disagree, thinking themselves to be simply empathetic and smart, while characterizing me as mean and stupid.  In short, it is fun entertainment for all!

Langston Hughes was brought up, either because of a genuine love of his poetry, or as an attempt to shoehorn the Black realities of the 1940s and 1950s irrelevantly onto the arguments of 2013 and beyond.  Who knows? Anyway, it prompted this comment by me, and the poem. Which, while it isn’t going to win a poetry prize, I thought it was decent enough to make a post out of.

Well, I don’t think Old Langston needs to worry much about “Dixie” lynching him. It’s a lot more likely he will get mugged and killed on his way home from a poetry reading by another little Trayvon. And, I bet Old Langston could have figured out how to register and vote all by himself, even if it required a Voter ID, and it wouldn’t have taken a whole village of crying Democrats to carry to him to the polls. Anyway, if the Smarmy Set wants poetry, then lets get some from 2013! Which is a lot more relevant:

A Dream Derailed
A Pastiche In The Key Of WTF???
By Squeeky Fromm, Girl Reporter

What happened to a Dream derailed?
What sent it off the tracks?
When rob’ed klansman rest in peace,
While blacks kill other blacks.

Once, the Overseers sent us
Away from families.
Yet, never rose the day when lash
Could bring us to our knees.

But now we do unto ourselves
What Slavers never could.
And all to get some benefits,
Or stamps for buying food.

When did this Dream become so stained,
In smarmy tears of pity?
That it drowned in welfare checks, and
Died in Inner City.

What brought us to this foul estate
Where Dream became Nightmare?
And where each tiny ray of hope,
Got lost in dark despair.

The Dream Deferred became a tool,
For base politic ends.
And now, our prayer to God must be,
“Please save us from our Friends!”

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

Note 1. The Image. These are the Orion Slave Girls, the species which appeared in several Star Trek series. The ones above are from Star Trek: Enterprise series which ran from 2001-2005.

The Orion slave girls were first conceived in the story outline for “The Cage”, as “sinuous green dancing girls” of Protos VI, who danced barefooted along with Vina, though she herself was not technically said to be one of them. (The Making of Star Trek, p. 58)

In the second revised final draft script of “The Cage” (which contained Captain James Winter rather than Captain Pike), the appearance of Vina as an Orion slave girl is described thus; “Wild! Green skin, glistening as if oiled. Her fingertips are long gleaming razor-edged scimitars, her hair not unattractive but suggesting a wild animal mane.” After her eyes are also stated to be “wild,” the script continues, “We feel she’s larger than before, immensely strong [….] Now dancing wildly, animal beautiful [….] The green, animal Vina […] seeming taller than Winter, perhaps even stronger.”


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