Bring Royalty Back To America!!!

The Top One Percent

Here is another idea how we might fix things in America. It seems that even after an American Revolution when we told royalty where to shove it, there are a lot of Americans who just WORSHIP rich people and think we would all be lost without them. Soooo, maybe this really good idea of mine will help everybody else to see this for what it is, AND, the rich people and their WORSHIPPERS could feel good too!

Why don’t we BRING ROYALTY BACK TO AMERICA!!! What we could do is just hand out the titles by the amount of income that is taxed in America. That way, when the regular people want to fuss about the rich people, they will know who to fuss at the most, and the people who WORSHIP the rich, can give more homage to the higher ranking rich people!!!

Here is my idea:

Knight – Over $250,000 to $300,000 per year.
Baronet– $ 300,001 – $ 400,000 per year.
Baron– $ 400,001 – $ 1,000,000 per year.
Viscount– $ 1,000,001 – $ 10,000,000 per year
Earl– $ 10,000,001 – $ 100,000,000 per year
Marquis– $ 100,000,001 -$ 1 Billion
Duke-$ 1 Billion and $1 up

I think this would solve a lot of problems, plus when we need to raise taxes, the poor people who WORSHIP the rich, will not just go into hysterics as much. And this way, you could raise taxes BY TITLE!!! Soooo, like you could have a VISCOUNT Tax Increase to raise up their taxes, without affecting the Barons and below. Or a Duke Tax increase to raise their taxes, but not those royalties below!!!

Plus, it will give everybody who thinks they are better than everybody else something to shoot for! If they are only making $150,000 per year and have some of their money working overseas, then if they bring that back to America, it might raise them up to $250,000 where they can be a KNIGHT!!! Sir Whatever.

Once they have a ROYAL TITLE, maybe the rich won’t be soooo insecure anymore. And tax increases can be seen as a form of status symbol!!!

I think this is a really good idea!!! What do you think???

Squeeky Fromm
Girl Reporter

One thought on “Bring Royalty Back To America!!!

  1. You go, girl. I thought your stuff was funny, cute, insightful, at first. And it is.But the flood of work shows as well a real talent for satire. I can see you like to read and have eyes to see. Keep it up! Your Leda and the Swan was great–thanks for the pictures. Cheers.

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